Monday, November 12, 2007

4 of Wands

See the Bridge of Jahanam? You have been here before and it leads to the Gates of Eden. I think you, like me have stood here undecided many times. Fear not, we are in good company for we find comfort in the familiar.

After the sparrow died, I realized that we all stand at the Bridge leading out of Jahanam at different stages of our lives. Some find the courage to cross it and others choose to stay behind because what lies beyond is uncertain. It's easier to stay with the demons one knows than follow angels one does not.

Standing at the Bridge, I watched an angel with demonic eyes promising me clear sight. In fear, I summoned my Demons From The Past to burn the bridge down while the Angel laughed; for it knew that burning the bridge would not stop the haunting even as it scooped the flames in the palm of it's hand. Relentlessly, I called upon more demons to fire it up so that even the night sky looked like it was burning with liquid gold.

When the bridge stood no more, the Angel turned its back on me and flew away. In the echo of its laughter, I heard both scorn and amusement because it knew as I know; the bridge was only symbolic of the path I feared to tread.

It was not so much the bridge I was trying to burn to cinders; but the visions in my head.