Friday, January 25, 2008

excerpt of a conversation

Says Samiri to the mad Jester : **Wakey, wakey... one more day and you'll be free. Do me a favor, old friend.. when you leave this place, pay a visit to a friend of mine who should be at the old city where the Djin tomb is located.

There are two towers on each side of the tomb... go to Tower Alepha and at the 14th level, you will find the King Cobras. I am sure they would welcome a jester at their court; they certainly need some cheering up right about now.

You may poison them with laughter; you may try to heal their madness with your own but please make sure that when you leave, you have their Kings' sanity tucked nicely in your breast pocket. There are two of them, Ebony and Ivory.

That is my price for waking you from your slumber. I'll see you again in a forthnight, mad Jester and we'll share wine and break bread like the good old days before you tried to run your blade through my beating heart.