Saturday, January 19, 2008

Knight of Wands

Malaikat: Samiri, I know you will not cease and the Pages will serve your cause till the deed is done.

Why then does victory taste so bitter, Samiri? Why does conflict tear your heart and your mind apart when you relentlessly seek vengence? Could it be that you cannot remember why you waged the war upon the King Cobras anymore?

I think, Samiri, that you cling on to old wounds from long ago. I think you remember only your hate for the King of King Cobras and not the cause for this war. It has become a personal vendetta, hasn't it?

And when you look upon the dead scattered amongst the ruins; do they not haunt you even in your dreams? You have been dreaming about them quite a lot lately, haven't you Samiri?

Yet even in knowing the truth within your heart, you will not repent. Will you never learn after all this time? Why you insist on donning this hedious form I will never understand but when the mask is finally removed, will you still recognize the face beneath?

Samiri: Brother, I am and always will be loyal to the cause and no... I concern myself not if the end justifies the means. Only that the means will justify the end.

You will try to stop me, will you not? Why waste your breath trying to reason with me, when you know it has always been and will always be so.

It is not the King of King Cobras I despise... it is what he represents. That his torment gives me pleasure is but small reward in all this travesty. If the price for it is my hediousness then this form was made for me.

Brother, you know the dreams haunt me constantly yet how can I cease when it will only end if he ceases... the question you should be asking is... Will he?