Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In the depths of the life stream resides the Guardian of Secrets. Banished into dark waters, the guardian avoids all beasts corrupted by the earth for they carry the stench of decay.

However, with the Guardian lies the knowledge of the heavens long lost to the beast tribe who call themselves Man; and Man covets such knowledge for it brings them closer to the one they call God.

So the beasts sent one of their kind to find the Guardian; to chain it so they may draw the knowledge from it. But the Guardian was not one to be kept enslaved in chains.

In its wisdom, the Guardian knew that killing the beast would accomplish nothing so it craddled the beast against itself because the Guardian knew that by showing the beast compassion and grace, perhaps it will learn and show it to others of its own kind.

Thus, the Dragon King who is the Guardian of Secrets taught the beast that true Strength lies not in seeking to claim control over others but in claiming control over one's own actions.