Friday, June 6, 2008

The Father (Emperor)

Structures are meant to be broken and man-made laws were destined to be tested to the edge of its boundaries before being discarded for new ones.

I am not my father but I am of my father; yet the laws that worked for him may not serve me as they served him. I will rewrite the law as I deem necessary and if I must break this castle apart brick by brick to rebuild it again as the Emperor of Jahanam, so shall it be.

Even without his presence I feel his disapproving gaze upon me despite my best efforts to live up to his legacy.

Is it the same for you as well I wonder?

Nevermind... do not answer for I am not certain I wish to know. In the shaping of an Emperor, the child was broken and molded; remade in order to be worthy of standards created by men who can only see the icon of their idealized self.