Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Queen of Swords

I sent a silly petition a while back to Mother Earth and I think my charm rubbed the Queen the wrong way.

Not Mother Earth, she's nice... usually. It's that sister of hers, Mother Air. I asked her to fix that hole over our heads and she was NOT amused so I took out the petition with alacrity because it does seem to me that she is watching us with the calculative gleam in her eye that reminds me of a cobra right before the strike.

I sent the petition to Mother Earth because she seemed like the nurturing type but that Mother Air weighs the loss of a hand against the loss of an entire arm with the compassion of a shrewd trader. Right now, we are the cancerous hand; polluting her realm and that hole over our heads really does look like it's getting bigger.. or is it just my imagination?

Anyway, when Lytta came calling to deliver the message that his Queen was not pleased with my request, it seemed like a good idea to remove it from her sight.