Monday, June 23, 2008



In Jahanam, some places are harder to travel than others especially the ones where we know shadows lurk in wait for us. This will be a solitary journey; in a barren land of the past.

You can't buy water here; the thrist can kill you so remember to bring your own. Water is not for sale because money is of no use in Jahanam.

But this is a journey we need to make at some point when we are ready to intergrate ourselves; when we are ready to embrace the banished parts of ourselves and accept them as our own.

It is where we will find the eye of the needle and cross it. It is a place none may follow but it is going to be alright because we are finally ready to take responsibility for choices we made; we are ready to face ourselves.

Is thay why we are afraid of Judgement? Because the degree of mercy we assign to God is the degree of mercy we hold ourselves; so when we think of facing him, we quiver in denial... because we have limited or no tolerence for others and we expect limited or no tolerence when we are called to face our own actions? We judge others by our own standards and denial of our fallibility is hard to acknowledge.

I went in search of redemption; that is why I am here. Perhaps that is why you are here as well.