Friday, April 17, 2009

7 of Pentacles

The circumstances surrounding this image; events that took place, energies influencing her appearance ... these are still unclear.

7 coins to purchase a lie; 7 coins to sell a lie... yet no coin made of gold or silver or brass can stop the changes that is to come.

Kalista Blackhair was given a name the day she was given a face. She asked to be restored her former beauty, in the vessel she once had, her human form.... But Kalista, it will be only a picture; like a reflection cast upon the glassy surface of a pond ; the image is not real. Dilemma of a wraith unwilling to let go.

Is it cruel to show her the truth of the matter, thus destorying her delusion that things can be as it were? Is it more cruel to hide the truth from her and allow her to exist in limbo, neither here nor there... unaware that she is but a wraith in love with a vessel that is no more? Dilemma of an artist plagued by madness.

A moment shared in a place that allows the mad and the forgotten to exist unharassed, as the wraith posed one last time for the mad, mad artist.... Kalista may never wish to let go; the mad artist may never tell her the truth... each has a decision to make with repercussions beyond their control.