Thursday, January 31, 2008

excerpt of a conversation

Lytta : Even in the worst of nightmares, there is an awakening at the end of it. An escape that jolts the dreamer out of a drunken stupor when the madness draws too near.

I found no solace in the depths of my dreams; for in there, lunacy had a life of its own. But in dreams, I learned to embrace the madness because it promised a different kind of liberation. I listened to the echos of my mind and heard truth for the first time.

The ravings of discordance has a melody of its own and it is made up of voices that sing out of tune. Ugliness hides a melancholic beauty that all things beautiful lack while absolute beauty hides the ugliness of perfection.

I thought I tasted sorrow for a while and there was beauty in it I cannot describe but it yielded so much pain, I couldn't bear to stay.