Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knight of Swords

Lytta was freed from his sleepless dream at long last before the stroke of midnight. When he reached the surface of the lake, he summoned a storm to take him to the old city where the old Djins built a tomb with two towers.

Of all things created, Lytta despised liars, hypocrites and charlatans most for they profane all that he holds sacred. This night, Lytta will join the Pages of Swords to wage war against the King Cobras.

Samiri : O Lytta, should you choose to serve the court their due, spare the innocent for they seek only to feed upon the bones thrown to them.

Be true to your name and let the ones who have trespassed against the innocent know the taste of your wrath. Serve them madness in a wine glass, bring them to their knees; for they have been drunk on sorrow and tears for too long.

Amongst them is a thief who served Ebony and Ivory faithfully in their violation of the weak. He has wrongfully taken what belonged to another to serve his own greed. This man is a hollow King, very much like the masters he served.

Have him return the treasure to its rightful owner for he knows not what he wrought when he stole gold bloodied red by another. Harm him not for he has need of his wits to feed his young; allow him to return what was stolen and maintain his dignity least his children see him for what he truly is.