Tuesday, February 5, 2008

excerpt of a conversation

**Samiri to Malaikat : The child will beget another born out of wedlock and the infant will tear the web apart. Then the child will rebuild from the ruins another web.

His firstborn son will taste bitterness in his tongue and in his heart; his second born... she will tread the path of the ones before her.

Can the tides be turned? Of course it can... when the child and his bride unwrite the ancient text, it can be averted.

**Malaikat to Samiri : It is not in me to care if the web gets torn asunder by the rash actions of a child or his litter; I have seen this happen before.

**Samiri to Malaikat : And if it comes to past?

**Malaikat to Samiri : Then it will become a thing of the past. Meddle not in the affairs of their world. They burn like a candle in the night; fleeting and extinguished all too soon.

Let them drink their fill for they are intoxicated with all the world has to give. The child will do as he wish. If he binds himself tighter with a noose of his own making; let him untie the knots in this lifetime or the next. What do I care?

Eternity is a long time to sit around with nothing to do and you have an eternity to shepard the beasts back to the pen.

**Samiri to Malaikat : Often I have cursed the day I slayed you, brother. That victory has been the bane of my existance ever since...

Eternity IS a very long time.