Monday, February 25, 2008

Letter to the Petitioner

Lytta letter to the Petitioner:

Within a tapestry, all threads form a pattern and all patterns will have its place within the grander scheme of things. Concern yourself not with things that are not of your concern for the thread is woven by The Weaver for a reason.

The thread you speak of.. there are many of them; and each is moved by The Weaver to complete a picture that forms a larger one.

Evil is what you perceive as morally offensive while good lies on the other end of the rainbow spectrum; and justice and vengence are but illusions to soothe a disturbed mind so let your mind not be disturbed by actions of another.

The thread will be measured according to the pattern it formed within the tapestry by the time the sickle cuts the thread; because it all comes together to complete a circle within a square.