Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Water Warrior

Weeps over the first betrayal; tears mean nothing when the loss seems too great to bear alone. And his brothers have been cast down in his place, to make ammends for his mistake.

The Water Warrior grows bitter with each fall of his tear; and he grieves for lost love, lost friendship and most of all, sacrifices made by those who know his shame.

Is that why you've showed the face that suits you best of all; one of beauty poisoned... because it seems that your love turned to dust with the touch of your hand?

Malaikat, the deed is done and the way back is wrought with fire sparked by righteous anger. Those who would seek the path from whence they came will walk through fire on bare feet and burn the taint of betrayal from their backs, tongues and hands.

In all of eternity, how many have done so? Embracing the knowledge that it was necessary; to wander aimlessly through the valleys below until they felt the desire to come home.

The beasts may return to their pen once more but it will be a choice of their own making; just as the choice was their to leave in the beginning.