Wednesday, March 26, 2008

7 of Swords

And so the ones who were disgraced are left to contend with the beasts who tore apart the fabric of a once beautiful existance...

Brother against brother; father against son and mothers murder their children in their sleep. The beasts fed on the flesh of their own kind.

In their arrogance, they played God and they flaunted their shame so the heavens could see their defiance.

And slowly, one by one, the brothers went insane trying to herd the cattle back to their pen. The one named Rage grew Hate in their hearts because it was a seed that sprouted from the first betrayal.

Soon Hate grew over time and took root in their earthly form while Rage reveled in the madness that crept through their veins. It was a sickness that passed down from parent to child and the sickness thrived so that betrayal became part of the beasts.