Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Magician

Amongst the beasts, there are those who seek the path back. They send petitions answered by silence for the voice that once whispered in their hearts became quiet in the presence of corruption.

So many were lost in the intricate maze created by the brothers to lead them astray. So many forgot from whence they first came and over an eternity of lifetimes, the beasts ceased to even remember what it is they sought.

But those who were adament, they wrote their will in blood. Upon their flesh they drew a map so that if they died and their shell turned to dust, their life-force still held the memory to the gates of heaven.

They carry their lifeforce with them to help them remember the journey of their soul. For when they return housed in a new shell with no memory of their past, the longing still echos within the chambers of their beating heart.

Trapped in the form of beasts, haunted by recollections of divinity; they are the ones who seek the way back through gates of fire.