Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4 of Pentacles

The Knights and I spent 4 days tracking this beast down while she left a trail of destruction. Her endless chatter and mad cackles nearly drove me insane. It was enough to wake the dead.

But the Knight Lytta said that this beast was once human and we cannot kill it simply because of what she made herself into now.

He said it took a long, long time for her to become what she is. It was habit that shaped her character and that character became her destiny. She was demented, evil, bitter, repulsive and atrocious.

So the Knights took her back to her own kind so that they may care for her but the beast begets more beasts. And monsters were created by those who breed them.

In the confines of the mind twisted by perversion, the concept of normalcy is a fragment of one's imagination. And when the mold is set in stone, a Fugly beast is born.