Tuesday, May 20, 2008

7 of Pentacles

Deep in the lair where the Fuglies live, we came across one that is most Grotesque. She wanted to be just like those around her and when Lytta tried to reason with her that she may stop mutilating herself; she refused his offer to help.

In horrified fascination, I watched her smite her nose to spite her face and offer it to him as a sign of her defiance. Disgusted, Lytta left her shrieking her madness in the dark.

The Knights, they are forbidden from interfering in matters regarding free will. They cannot change those who refuse to rescript their ways; they cannot impose their will on those who choose to manifest their destructive ways; they cannot save those who do not wish to be saved.

It was painful to turn away but it was even more painful to stay and watch helplessly as the Fugly went about her ghastly task.