Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Knight of Pentacles

There are some roads we walk alone; through the journeys of depression none may follow. You will never understand what it is like unless you walk the same road. So much I wish I can put into words but words will not suffice and bottled up inside is crystalized melancholia.

So how does one let out psychological pain... emotional pain when speaking about it is not enough? One draws it out... my flesh is testament of my pain transformed into beauty. Every line, every shade is the manifestation of my pain.

If our body is our temple, then the temple will return to whence it came but until then, why deny the senses when we are meant to walk this earth for so short a time?

In Jahanam, the warriors of the Earth element are the only ones amongst the knights who are trapped in shells like you and me. Therefore they have senses and they can bleed like you and me.

If a warrior is an immortal, trapped within a mortal shell, pain is something he learns to conquer. Conviction could conquer pain.. Pertinaciousness could conquer pain... A steady heart could conquer pain...

Have you ever been under a needle with ink etched into your skin? With every passing second, the needle becomes a blade of fire tearing unbroken skin apart; searing ink into your flesh.

But pain can be turned into a weapon when it comes down to survival... when one is mortal; one learns to deal with pain. Yet within the shell; one also feels pleasure and to avoid pain, this knight seeks it endlessly.

That maybe the only cause he is loyal to.